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Hello and thank you for your interest in joining our team. We are in the process of building a unique project that will be a first in the Adult entertainment industry. We are combining the ever popular “Big Brother” reality style of television program with a live streaming cam site and mixing in a little bit of Hollywood as well and are looking for models to become a part of our team.

Our models will have the option to work both as a live cam model and as a Housemate in part of the “Big Brother” reality style program where you will live inside of a broadcast studio built like a large entertainment filled house with cameras streaming your life to our customers in High Definition 24 hours per day. The second option you can choose is to just to work as a cam model in the Live Show rooms only and in that case, you will be living outside of the broadcast studio.

If you choose to participate as a Housemate in our reality style show, you will spend time working in one of our live show rooms as a cam model from which you will be paid a percentage of the money you earn in tips from customers, and your life outside of the live cam working hours will be streamed from the 25 cameras throughout our house and for this you will receive a separate monthly salary.

If you choose to work for us as a live cam model only then you will work your hours in our Live Show rooms and be paid a percentage of the tips you receive and you will then be free to go home to accommodation provided by us after each work shift. For models who would like to take part in the “Big Brother” reality type of show as well as being a live cam model, we provide all accommodation, food and living expenses while you are a housemate living within our broadcast studio and if you would like to join our team as a camera model only then we can accommodate you in a private apartment.


of working with us

  • 17 different ways to earn money

    We have over 17 different products and services for customers to buy from which a percentage of the sale goes to you, so you not only get paid to be a webcam model, you get paid to party, have fun and enjoy yourself AND we have cash prizes up to $10,000 per month

  • Free beauty treatments

    You will get free nails, hair, eyelashes, massage therapy and many other beauty treatments for free each week

  • Great facilities

    Our mansion has a gym, cinema, large hot tub, table tennis, air-hockey, badminton, Yoga studio, Sauna and many other games and activities all for your use while working with us.


Why work with us?

  • 1

    Highest earning potential in the industry

  • 2

    Highly Professional and caring team

  • 3

    Guaranteed salary for housemates

Models living in our broadcast studio will enjoy the facilities we have onsite which include large living and recreation areas with table tennis, air hockey and other games, gym and a large hot tub, a cinema as well as comfortable bedrooms and bathrooms. Models will have access to free beauty treatments including nail, eyebrow, yoga and massage sessions every week and will also receive an allowance for clothes and costume purchases.

We will be marketing our project heavily and expect a lot of traffic from customers, so your earnings potential can be very high, higher than you would expect to earn as a cam model streaming from your own home as when you are working with us you will be 1 of only 25 models on our site and you also have the potential to earn much higher than you would earn in a traditional strip tease bar.


Our Video

If you have a keen interest to become an Adult entertainment model and like to work in a professional environment with a highly professional team then we are interested in hearing from you so please fill out the contact form, tell us a little bit about yourself, what country you are from and ask any questions you might have. You can look at a preview of our site which will give you an idea of what the project is about and what you will be doing.


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    Please complete the form with as much detail as possible and include a recent picture. We are interested in girls of all shapes & sizes!

  • Interview time

    We will be in contact with you and arrange a call or skype interview.

  • Contract offer

    If you are successful, we will offer you a minimum contract of 1 month

  • Time to Travel!

    Now it’s time to travel to Estonia and meet your housemates! We will assist you with all of your transport needs. More information on Tallinn, Estonia here.


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